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Random Product

A 10 basic

A 10 basic

Suitable for low-loss dry grinding of soft, hard and brittle substances

  • With a built-in cooling chamber.
  • Removable, easy-to-clean, high-grade steel chamber.
  • 3 interchangeable cutters available.
  • Electronic overload protection.

Process type batch
Operating principle cutting/impact
Motor rating input 180 W
Motor rating output 80 W
Speed max. 20000 rpm
Circumferential speed max. 57 m/s
Usable volume max. 50 ml
Feed hardness max. 5 Mohs
Feed grain size max. 6 mm
Material beater/cutter stainless steel 1.4034
Material milling chamber stainless steel 1.4301
Power-on time ON 5 min
Power-om time OFF 10 min
Milling chamber, can be cooled with water yes
Mill feed can be cooled in milling chamber with dry ice yes
Mill feed can be cooled in milling chamber with liquid nitrogen no
Dimensions (W x H x D) 120 x 225 x 105 mm
Weight 2.2 kg
Permissible ambient temperature 5 – 40 °C
Permissible relative moisture 80 %
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 21
RS 232 interface no
Analog output no
Voltage 220 – 240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power input 180 W

HT60-M3-CU High Temperature Circulator


JULABO high temperature circulators: The response to present requirements in the market. Peak performance, rapid heating and cooling, fast action in case of exotherm reactions – these are only few of the features of our high temperature circulators. The self-optimizing controller (ICC – Intelligent Cascade Control) ensures high temperature stability. The classic PID control parameters are available at the touch of a button for modification at any time. MULTI-DISPLAY (LED) and interactive LCD display offer convenient operation. The implemented heating automation, strong pump and controlled cooling produce rapid and precise results for temperature applications to +4 00 °C. The instruments are completely sealed. This prevents the release of oil fumes and results in long life time of the heat transfer liquid. Automatic air-purge allows easy filling. Electrical connections and the optional Profibus permit future-oriented automation technology. JULABO high temperature circulators are recommended for applications using jacketed reactors and autoclaves, distillation columns as well as laboratory, miniplant and process-scale applications.


Your advantages

  • Working temperature range up to 400 °C
  • Self-optimizing ICC temperature controller
  • Strong pumping capacity 18 l/min – 1.2 bar max
  • Automatic air-purge allows easy filling
  • Automated heat-up feature adjusts to external systems
  • Bright MULTI-DISPLAY (LED) with display resolution 0.01 °C
  • Backlit interactive 4-line LCD display
  • On-line communication via built-in RS232 interface
  • Stand-by input for external emergency switch-off
  • Integrated programmer stores up to 6 profiles (60 sections each)
  • Electronic level indication
  • ATC function for simple correction of temperature variations
  • ATC function allows use as testing instrument according to ISO 9000
  • Tap water cooling for temperatures from 40 to 400 °C and rapid cooling
  • Cooling capacity up to 15 kW (with tap water 20°C)

Order No. 9800066
Category High Temperature Circulators Forte HT
Working temperature range (°C) 40 … 400
Temperature stability (°C) ±0.01-0.1
Setting / display resolution 0.01 °C
Integrated programmer 6×60 steps
Temperature Display LCD , LED
Heating capacity (kW) 6
Cooling capacity (Medium Ethanol)
20°C 15 kW
Pump capacity flow rate (l/min) 14-18
Pump capacity flow pressure (bar) 0.8-1.2
Pump connections M16x1
Filling volume (liters) 2
External Pt100 sensor connection integrated
Digital interface RS232, RS485, Optional Profibus
Ambient temperature 5…40 °C
Dimensions W x L x H (cm) Термостат: 43 x 23 x 58
Weight (kg) 35
Classification according to DIN12876-1 Classification III (FL) according to DIN 12876-1
Display for pump pressure and filling volume Backlit indicator
Filling volume expansion vessel liters 1.6+0.9
Dimensions Control unit B x T x H 25 x 25 x 18

FP55-SL Ultra-Low Refrigerated-Heating Circulator


JULABO Ultra-Low Refrigerated Circulators for heating and cooling are suitable for external temperature tasks. Powerful circulating pump systems and high heating and cooling capacities guarantee short heat-up and cool-down times. ACC ‘Active Cooling Control‘ provides active cooling control across the whole temperature range. An energy saving feature with only minor loss of heat is provided by the proportional cooling capacity control in the ‘FP’ refrigeration units. The inevitable dust accumulation that occurs in refrigeration systems is solved by means of an easily removed venting grill, which allows for easy cleaning. The units are equipped with handles or castors for an easy transportation. All models have a drain tap on the front allowing the fluid to be drained easily. Additionally the instruments are equipped with an improved insulation to help avoid ice-formation, and have a visual liquid level display.

Your advantages

  • LCD DIALOG DISPLAY backlit for convenient interactive operation
  • Keypad for setpoints, warning/safety values and menu functions
  • ICC (Intelligent Cascade Control), self-optimizing temperature control
  • TCF Temperature Control Features to optimize the control behaviour
  • ATC3 3-Point-Calibration
  • Pt100 External sensor connection for measurement and control
  • SMART PUMP, electronically adjustable pump stages
  • Early warning system for low liquid level (DBGM 203 06 059.8)
  • Adjustable high temperature cut-out, visible via display
  • RS232/RS485 interface for online communication
  • Integrated programmer for 6 x 60 program steps
  • Connections for solenoid valve and HSP booster pump
  • Proportional cooling control
  • Active Cooling Control

Order No. 9352755N
Model series HighTech
Category Ultra-Low Refrigerated-Heating Circulators
Working temperature range (°C) -60 … 100
Temperature stability (°C) ±0.05
Setting / display resolution 0.01 °C
Integrated programmer 6×60 steps
Temperature Display VFD , LCD
Heating capacity (kW) 3
Cooling capacity (Medium Ethanol)
20°C 5.2 kW
0°C 4.1 kW
-20°C 2.2 kW
-40°C 0.7 kW
-60°C 0.13 kW
Pump capacity flow rate (l/min) 22-26
Pump capacity flow pressure (bar) 0.4-0.7
Pump capacity flow suction (bar) 0.2-0.4
Bath opening / bath depth (W x L / D cm) Ø = 7 / 23 cm
Pump connections M16x1
Barbed fittings diameter (inner dia. / mm) 8 / 12
Filling volume (liters) 27
Refrigerant R404A
External Pt100 sensor connection integrated
Digital interfaces RS232, RS485, Optional Profibus
Ambient temperature 5…40 °C
Dimensions W x L x H (cm) 85 x 76 x 116
Weight (kg) 192
Classification according to DIN12876-1 Classification III (FL) according to DIN 12876-1
Included with each unit 2 each barbed fittings for tubing 8 and 12 mm inner dia. (pump connections M16x1 female).
Cooling of compressor Air

YD-1 Tablet Hardness Tester

YD-1 Tablet Hardness Tester


Tablet hardness testers are instruments for detecting breaking hardness of tablet.


Applicable Standard

Corporate standard (Tablet hardness tester) Q/12XQ0186-2005



  1. The tablet is loaded and pressed artificially.
  2. It has high accuracy press sensor and hardness data is displayed on LED.
  3. It tests tablet hardness continuously.
  4. Test data is displayed and locked automatically, so can test be reset and cycled.
  5. Automation: auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm.

Hardness range (2~199.9)N
Hardness accuracy ±0.5N
Dia. of tablet range 3~20mm
Power 220V/50Hz/10W
Dimension 32 x 20x 10(cm)
Weight 5KG

FD200 Immersion Cooler

FD200 Immersion Cooler

JULABO flow-through coolers are the perfect complement to open bath circulators, immersion circulators and bridge-mounted circulators extending their temperature range to below ambient temperature. They offer a small footpri nt, have a low energy requirement and represent an economic solution preventing tap water usage for cooling. Instruments are designed for integration into an existing cooling loop (e.g. consisting of open bath circulator wit h pump).

Your advantages

  • For applications near ambient temperatures
  • Integrated freezing protection
  • Preventing the use of precious tap water for cooling
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Ease of operation
  • Low energy requirement

Order No. 9655825
Model series FD Series
Category Immersion Coolers
Working temperature range (°C) 10 … 30
Cooling capacity (Medium Ethanol)
20°C 0.22 kW
10°C 0.18 kW
Barbed fittings diameter (inner dia. / mm) 8 / 12
Refrigerant R134a
External Pt100 sensor connection integrated
Ambient temperature 5…35 °C
Dimensions W x L x H (cm) 18 x 27 x 39
Weight (kg) 16
Cooling of compressor Air