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The FL series offers a new generation of chillers for routine cooling applications within the laboratory and industry. The temperature stability of the PID control is ±0.5°C. All units can easily be cleaned and are provided with a splash water proof keypad with LED temperature indication. On the front of the units there is an RS232 interface as well as an alarm shutdown. The filling port is easily accessible placed on the top under a lift-up cover. Another hinged tray serves as a file for the operating manual or other documents concerning the installation. The removable venting grid allows an easy cleaning of the condenser, the drain tap is easily accessible behind the grid. All models include an easily visible level indication. Another advantage is the venting slots are on the front and rear and therefore the units can be placed directly one beside the other (space saving).

Your advantages

  • Ergonomic design and easy operation
  • Splash-proof keypad with integrated mains switch
  • Large, bright LED display
  • Reliable Microprocessor PID temperature control
  • Filling level indicator
  • Powerful immersion pumps, suitable for continuous operation
  • Permissible temperature in return line +80°C
  • Easy filling from the top with hinged protective lid
  • Low liquid level protection with optical and audible alarm signal
  • Integrated stainless steel bath tanks
  • Removable venting grid for cleaning of the condenser
  • Front drain
  • No side vents
  • RS232 interface for PC-connection
  • IP class according to IEC 60529: 21
  • Alarm output, potential-free change-over contact (max. 30 VA)

Order No.
Model series
FL Series
Recirculating Coolers
Working temperature range (°C)
-20 … 40
Temperature stability (°C)
Setting / display resolution
0.1 °C
Temperature Display
Cooling capacity (Medium Ethanol)
0.3 kW
0.25 kW
0.2 kW
0.15 kW
0.1 kW
Pump capacity flow rate (l/min)
Pump capacity flow pressure (bar)
Pump connections
Barbed fittings diameter (inner dia. / mm)
8 / 12
Filling volume (liters)
3 … 4.5
Digital interfaces
RS232, Optional Profibus
Ambient temperature
5…40 °C
Dimensions W x L x H (cm)
25 x 50 x 60
Weight (kg)
Suitable fluids: water, water-glycol mixture, JULABO Thermal bath fluids
Included with each unit
2 barbed fittings for tubing 8 and 12 mm inner dia. (pump connections M16x1 male) se mit M16x1 Außengewinde)
Cooling of compressor

RV 10 control FLEX

RV 10 control FLEX

FLEX-ability with the new IKA RV 10 FLEX Packages

The IKA FLEX Packages enable the customer who requires speciality glassware the FLEX-ability of customizing their glassware setup for their specific application.

The RV 10 control FLEX Package includes the following components:
RV 10 control drive, HB 10 control heating bath, RV 10.70 vapor tube NS 29/32, clamps for glassware, woulf bottle

New: Now RV 10.4002 Magnetic Valve included in delivery

Cooling surface 0 cm2
Motor principle DC
Speed range 20 – 280 rpm
Reversible direction of rotation yes
Lift Motor
Stroke 140 mm
Heating temperature range room temp. – 180 °C
Heat output 1300 W
Heat control accuracy 1 ±K
Bath volume max. 3 l
Vacuum controller integrated yes
Measurement accuracy +/- 2 mbar
Vacuum adjustment range 1050 – 1 mbar
Vacuum measurement range 1050 – 1 mbar
Timer yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) 500 x 430 x 410 mm
Weight 21.5 kg
Permissible ambient temperature 5 – 40 °C
Permissible relative moisture 80 %
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 20
RS 232 interface yes
Voltage 220 – 240 / 100 – 120 / 100 – 115 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power input 1400 W

Medical Refrigerator

50 L Mini Medical Refrigerator 120, 250, 300L Medical Refrigerator 450L Medical Refrigerator 2-10 C Medical Refrigerator
BXC-BRAGA 120, 250, 300L Medical Refrigerator BXC-ANCONA BXC-AREZZO



Download data sheet

  • The direct power transmission from the motor to the pump head and the sole insertion of high quality spare parts keep the noise level low at 50 dB
  • The light metal case and precise construction of this pump lead to a gross weight of only 4.1 kg
  • Easy to clean and maintain, which is mostly due to the oil-free pumping mechanism and the user-friendly design
  • Very low ultimate pressure of 13 mbar created by the pump due to precise interplay of the two pump heads


Model V410
Current 0.4 A
Max Pressure 13 mbar
Max Flow Rate 19 L/min
Weight 4.1 Kg
outlet 10 mm
Motor Speed 1450 rpm




  • Reliable and Reproducible Data
    • No interference of humidity by desiccated and sealed interferometer
    • Stable wavelength emission by air cooled infrared sources
    • Shock-resistant by interferometer lock when transporting
  • High Performance
    • DLATGS Detector with high sensitivity ,excellent linearity and broad spectral response
    • Self compensated alignment at an optical system
    • *MCT detector is also available.
  • Easy of Use
    • Data Acquisition by Interspec For Window at a glance
    • Simple to control FT-IR and manage data at your fingertip
    • Data conversion to MS EXCEL
    • Fully compatible with Windos XP/7
    • Library search(Optional)
  • Applications
    • Polymer analysis
    • Foods research
    • Quality assurance and control
    • Pharmaceutical research
    • Lubricant formulation and fuel additives
    • Environmental and water quality analysis methods
    • Biochemical and biomedical research
    • Academic field
  • Available Accessories
    • Transmission sampling products
    • ATR products (Single/Multi Reflection)
    • Diffuse reflectance products
    • Specular reflectance products
    • Gas sampling accessories
    • Sampling kit products

* Most accessories from other makers are compatible with YL FT-IR spectrometer)